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Completed projects

Marine Works is supplying comfort on 31ft motorboat
Marine Works company is caring about suitable mood aboard and for the safety under the board of the guests on the motor boat. Marine Works company supplying LED lighting from the Swedish company Batsystem and also ecological and safe for humans fire protection system from the Seafire company based on Novec factor.   

Seakeeper and Bennett Marine on 17m motor yacht
The Marine Works company has launched a gyrostabilizator from the Seakeeper company and the trim tabs from the Bennett Marine company on 17-metre long motor yacht. The Seakeeper system guarantees the significant reduction of the effect of swinging the boat while cruising as well as anchoring. Stabilization package is supplementing a set of trim tabs from american Bennett Marin

WOPR Sopot ambulance with air-conditioned of the Dometic Marine company
WOPR ambulance Sopot - an air conditioning system of the Dometic Marine company is on boat. The air-conditioning is creating the perfect temperature conditions for the crew of the boat at sea, even in hot summer days. Marine Works as the authorized distributor provided with air-conditioning of the Dometic Marine Air, Cruisair and Condaria  delivered and started  up th

Base of divers on Maledives
Ying Fleet 164 " - Marine Works delivered the equipment to the engine room, among other things exhaust system from Centek Industries company for 50 metres long boat which divers are working on in beautiful Maldives. Moreover a stainless steel hardare  delivered by our company is also on a boat.     

46 ft sailing yacht with air-conditioned and full maneuver and propulsion system from Marine Works
Marine Works is equipping the 46-feet, seagoing sailing yacht with the integrated Vector Turbo air-conditioning from Dometic Marine and full maneuver and propulsion system.     

Motor yacht N1300 equipped by Marine Works
Motor boat N1300 equipped with the air conditioning system with heat pump of the Dometic Marine and full maneuver and propulsion system from Marine Works.       

Delphia Capt.Cichocki
     Marine Works which equipped "INDYKPOL" into a lot of devices asked Tomek for his satisfaction from using them. What devices are on “INDYKPOL You will inform from the correspondence. A.Z. - 2014-09-25 10:48:44 How are our systems working in the field?: Parker Sea Recovery Water Maker, hydrogenerators Watt and Sea, Mase generator, steerings Lecombl

A research yacht Magnus Zaremba safely returns from Greenland
Marine Works equipped a research yacht Magnus Zaremba with complete propuslion system: engine propeller shaft made from Duplex steel, PSS stern tube sealing, half coupling RandD, brass bearing, propeller from the Michigan Propellers company and scissors/knife for rope and nets from the Prop Protector company. On board also installed hydraulic steering system from the Lecomble a

ZF Marine control system on 60 Power vessel
Marine Works provides and conducts the start of the steering system with engines ZF SmartCommand and the steering system: ZF Marine SteerCommand.Sea tests took place in the Gulf of Gdańsk.

Operating vessels for RZGW with Marine Works equipment
Three new multirole vessels were collected by the Regional Water Management in Szczecin. 17-metre vessels are adapted to work on rivers. Their role will include detection and removal of underwater obstacles as well as monitoring the depth of waterways.Marine Works has equipped the vessels with complete lines of shafts from ZF Friedrichshafen AG through GKN Driveline Aquadrive s

24 m Vripack Explorer
Marine Works equips Andros 24 m motor yacht with the air-conditioning system for Dometic Marine Air ice water and Kabola central heating. In addition, it designs and delivers the wet exhaust system, Aquadrive anti-vibration system and FM200 Seafire fire system.         Youtube

Marine Works provides and runs the systems on modern Conrad 115 - Lunar yacht
Our systems like Seakeaper gyrostabilisers, Seafire fire prevention system, pumps and Gianneschi ventilation and other equipment in the engine room has been installed successfully.

Polish Army with Marine Works propulsion!
Marine Works provides propulsion systems for the Wheeled Armoured Transporter. The system is based on Michigan Marine propellers operating in Kort nozzle. 4-blade propellers are designed to provide maximum towing power and optimum speed.

17-metre yacht designed by Graham Radford Design
Marine Works provided equipment components for aluminium sailing yacht "Kolumbada 2". Parker Searecovery/HRO desalinator (reverse osmosis), SPW GmbH Variprofile 23" propeller and Jef Steering and Lecomble and Schmitt hydraulic steering of the yacht are installed on the yacht.

General Zaruski
Marine Works provides a complete propulsion package and full equipment for sailing ship STS Generał Zaruski.A dual propulsion system equipped with Aquadrive anti-vibration system, PSS choke coils, duplex propeller shaft, ZF Marine gears and specially designed propellers with Variprop independently adjustable pitch control from German company, SPW GmbH. Generał Zaruski will be

Propulsion system for C66 sailing from Marine Works
Marine Works equips C66 aluminium sailing yacht with the dual, complete propulsion system: ZF Marine gears, SPW GmbH Varifold 4-blade propellers, Aquadrive anti-vibration system, PSS choke coils and own-production stern tubes made of aluminium, the inner tube bearing is glued with chemically hardened resin which greatly facilitated precise assembly.

Marine Works provides systems for horse lorries
Marine Works provided power distribution systems, refrigerators and water heating from Kabola Heating. The company also has other products for this type of vehicles as power generators, air-conditioning, LED lighting, bring-up tables and seats or water systems.  

46-foot sailing yacht
Marine Works provides the gear for Adal3 yacht. A complete line of shaft and hydraulic control from Lecomble & Schmitt with a column from the Danish company, Jefa Steering. The whole fixed rigging was equipped by Selden Mast from Sweden.

ORP Orzeł retrofitted in the reverse osmosis system
ORP Orzeł – Polish submarine has been retrofitted in the reverse osmosis system by Marine Works. Parker SeaRecovery / HRO desalinator will provide fresh drinking water for the crew, which will greatly increase the autonomy of the ship. The fresh water generator is completed by a high-pressure pump, semi-permeable membrane system, filters and UV lamp.