About us


If you were to ask who we are, it would be difficult to find a definite answer. Because what would you call a group of enthusiastic, dedicated, skilled people with 25 years of experience in the industry, who combine passion for the sea with professional work forming a close-knit, active and always smiling team? Exactly… Marineworks!


Innovation, that is, going beyond schematic thinking.
Engineering, that is, a team of engineers and experienced professionals.
Integration, that is what we do and what sets us apart the most.
Our portfolio consists of selected brands of yachting equipment of the highest quality and services of the integration of components into complete systems.


Maciej Makuła

OEM Manager Marine

Tomasz Oleś

Application Engineer

Krzysztof Pelzer

Brand Manager

Mateusz Głąbiński

OEM Integrator

Tomasz Niklas

Project Manager

Filip Dafereras

Brand Manager

Piotr Glonek

Sales Engineer

Jacek Sadowski

Technical Support Engineer

Bartosz Król

Sales Support Specialist

Rafal Skroński

Marineworks Export – Managing Partner

Wojciech Ziółkowski

Sales Specialist

Sebastian Węgrzecki

Service Manager

Anastazja Latysh

Marketing Specialist

Piotr Goldberg

Service Engineer

Patryk Przybysławski

Service Engineer

Łukasz Lisiecki

Service Engineer

Jakub Kłodawski

Service Engineer

Przemysław Pasierb

Service Engineer

Łukasz Muchla

Logistics Manager

Jerzy Sokołowski

Senior Warehouseman

Michał Nicer

Senior Warehouseman

Barbara Sójkowska

Chief Accounts

Maria Leniec

Accounts Supervisor

Iwona Poniatowska

Financial & Accounting Specialist

Natalia Walus

Financial & Accounting Specialist

Łukasz Szyca

Sales Director