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BOW PRO proportional bow and stern thrusters

manufacturer: Vetus

Vetus BOW PRO thruster use proven induction brushless motors. As a result, the bow / stern thruster motor is maintenance-free and has longer runtimes! Just the tailpiece and the power circuits need regular maintenance. The induction motor is controlled by the VETUS MCV motor controller. The built-in over-temp and low battery protection, combined with the brushless induction motor make the BOW PRO thruster series highly resistant to abuse and ideal for the most demanding boater in the most difficult manoeuvring situations!

The BOW PRO thruster is controlled by proprietary CAN-bus protocol V-CAN (digital control). There are three fully-proportional panels available for the BOW PRO thruster series; one basic panel (BPPPA) and one panel with lock-and-hold function for easy docking (BPPJA). The last panel is a joystick which controls the bow and stern thruster simultaneously (DBPPJA).

BOW PRO thrusters utilize the same propellers and gearboxes proven in VETUS thrusters for over 30 years. Upgrading a boat with an existing thruster to a BOW PRO thruster is easily accommodated as the BOW PRO thruster was made to share tunnel sizes with current VETUS thrusters as well as many other brands. For boats with electric propulsion, VETUS offers the 48 V series pictured right. The BOW PRO range continues to expand.

Precision proportional control
Endurance Rated Run-time – Limited by the size of your battery bank
Maintenance-free brushless motor
Built-in over-temp and low battery protection
The thruster(s) and their control panels are connected by cables carrying digital V-CAN signals (VETUS CAN-bus type allowing future integration into boat-wide electronic systems and information displays)

Bow ProDownload