MJP waterjet

manufacturer: MJP

MJP waterjet propulsion systems are drive solutions for various sizes of watercraft. Depending on the model, they utilize different mixed and axial flow technologies to achieve maximum propulsion efficiency, while also providing high speeds and fuel savings. All models are characterized by durability, configurability, and easy installation.

The X-Series Mixed-Flow waterjet is designed for watercraft between 12-40 meters. It creates thrust by combining radial and axial flow, allowing for high propulsion efficiency. It achieves optimal performance across all speeds, without affecting the ability to reach high speeds. The MJP pump design includes a steel impeller and proven mixed flow technology, allowing for maximum efficiency and high speeds.

The Compact Steering Unit waterjet is designed for watercraft between 26-200 meters. The use of this type of propulsion allows for low fuel consumption, long range, and high speeds. The precisely engineered, double steel structure of the CSU is twice as strong as standard stainless steel and more corrosion-resistant, allowing for longer time spent on the water.

The Double Reversing Bucket waterjet is designed for watercraft between 26-200 meters. This waterjet features internal hydraulics, making it ideal for small installation spaces. It is highly configurable, with a built-in thrust bearing and floating drive shaft. Additionally, it is exceptionally durable, enabling operation in challenging conditions and is resistant to corrosion.

The Ultrajet axial flow waterjet is designed for watercraft between 8-17 meters. This waterjet features an efficient pump and a hydraulic system on the nozzle, allowing for quick and easy maintenance and installation, as well as an inlet optimized for high thrust and maximum bollard pull.

The PodJet waterjet is designed for watercraft and transport vehicles. It is a proven, compact propulsion solution that offers high thrust, exceptional maneuverability, and easy installation. The PodJet waterjet can be mounted at various angular positions to align with the shaft axis. They can also be coupled with various drive devices, including the Cardan shaft from the main engine of the vehicle or an electric or hydraulic motor. The optimal and efficient pump design ensures that despite turbulent water flow, the MJP PodJet will deliver the promised thrust regardless of the environment.