Prepare Your yacht for the season with Marine Works service.

The months in which we made plans for the upcoming season are slowly nearing to the end. When we start thinking during early spring about splashdown we should considering how prepare installations so that we can take full advantage of the season withought losing time for repairs during the voyages. Failures are results from inadequate maintenance and we should avoid them in advance because we don’t want to wasted time and above all it doubled repair costs.
When we prepare our boat installations before the winter season for several months standing on the land in sub-zero conditions then we have relatively not much to do now.

Shipowners which were used our offer for winterizing shouldn’t got worry about now.
If You put off the moment for replacement and maintenance essential parts for spring now it is the ultimate time to analyze the state of mechanical installations and planed the service.


  1. Installation of fuel system
    Unfortunately, the quality of fuels, which are available on the market leaves much to be desired. Additionally, water is condensing on the walls of the fuel tank and it could be separate from the fuel by using suitable water separator before it is mixed with other impurities to a precise, high-pressure injection system. Application and timely exchange of relevant fuel filters will help us avoid a situation where the engine would not want to “start”. The consequences of such a situation can be tragic in their results. We check the condition of the entire fuel system paying attention to leaks, attaching the ends of hoses and their quality.
  2. Engine lubrication system.
    This system corresponding among others for lubrication of moving parts in the crankcase, heat dissipation and maintenance of cleanliness inside the engine compartment also requires special care. Affect proper operation of the system at the highest level timely exchange quality of oil and oil filters.
  3. Cooling system.
    Cooing system responsible for maintaining optimum engine’s temperature must also be preserved properly. Regardless of whether we are dealing with inboard or stern drive diesel petrol engines that applies everywhere sea water pump. We should ensure an overview this pump and replaced the impeller. Another important step in the case of stationary engines will be an overview of the heat exchanger and possible cleaning of barnacles and microorganisms to maintain the full efficiency of this device.<
  4. Checking the transmission.
    We check the condition of the transmission system regardless of which type Your boat is equipped. It is worth remembering timely exchange of gearbox oil (including oil filter if present). In units with a straight shaft, we check the alignment of the shaft line and examine the state of seal box and plain bearings.
  5. Rig (usually propeller)
    A well-chosen on the basis of the calculation relating to the specifications of each boat allows us to enjoy the pull-down speeds and relatively economical fuel combustion. Poorly chosen propeller to drive line system not only reduce the performance of the individual, but can cause damage to the engine, eg. Through its thermal overloading. Let us check the correct choice of propeller for propulsion system and its physical state (dangerous corrosion in necessary to work in cavitation).
  6. Electrochemical corrosion.
    Is one of the most dangerous phenomena that cause literally “eats” the metal parts of our unit. The use of counter measures collateral in the form of anodes ( which simply speaking to worry about at each other the whole process of oxidation (corrosion)) is one way to protect against this phenomenon. The anodes are elements of supplies that also should be replaced periodically. Depending on which waters you sail, we are able to choose the right cathodic protection.
  7. Systems improving the comfort of sailing.
    In addition to the main propulsion unit depending on the standard of equipment may be plural number of different installations taking care to ensure the comfort of the crew.The most popular of them are air conditioning, generators, watermakers and electronic control systems. Marine Works Company has sales and service authorizations most popular equipment manufacturers in the maritime sector.

    Feel free to contact our service department to discuss and prepare an individual offer for your needs.