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feathering propellers SPW Variprofile

manufacturer: SPW GmbH

The new feathering propellers SPW Variprofile is the perfect feathering propeller for boats and yachts with engines up to 75 hp.
Mounting a VARIPROFILE under your boat does not require an engineer. Pitches are pre-set at the factory to the theoretical optimum and easily understood installation instructions are provided.
When the engine is switched off, the blades automatically turn into sail position due to the water flow.
When switching to reverse, a slight rotation of the shaft causes the leading edge of the blades to rotate 180°.
The feathering propellers SPW Variprofile, with optimal pitch adjustment, not only provides more thrust in forward and reverse than other propellers, but amazingly also uses less fuel doing so.

– Excellent price/performance ratio
– Hi-Tec blades with GAWN profile to optimize thrust and efficiency while running much more quietly than others
– Exceptional sailing characteristics through slim shape, light weight blades.
– Separate external pitch adjustments
– Robust construction with enclosed helical gearing for long life
– Interchangeable hub
– Available in 2-blade and 3-blade version up to 75 hp
– Made out of Hi-Tensile NiBrAl-Bronze (Ice-Class)
– CNC machined for highest precision
– Certified by Germanischer Lloyd

Award for successful engineering performance:
In 2021 the SPW GmbH again receives the renowned DNV-GL-Certificate for feathering Propellers.

The Marine Works design department will select the optimum gear, propellers for your yacht.


Śruby składane w “chorągiewkę” - Variprofile SPWDownload