Whisper Power in Poland

Marine Works starts cooperation with the Dutch company Whisper Power as the exclusive distributor for Poland, thereby extending the new direction of the company – department ‘ENERGY’

Within the department, which development on behalf of Marine Works will be responsible Rafal Skroński, we will provide complete electrical and power on board, NMEA2000 and electric and hybrid propulsion systems.

Whisper Power created a new quality in the world of on-board energy systems and is the only in comparison to its competitors are able to provide and combine complete systems of power electronics, power generation , power distribution and power storage in one unique hybrid concept.(generators, chargers, inverters, transformers, insulators and galvanic batteries).
Father of brand Whisper Power – J Roel ter Heide can certainly be called “energy guru” in Europe and the world. His vision and great determination enabled him to create some of the biggest companies when it comes to energy solutions for commercial, pleasure craft and super yachts. Mr. Heide every time drove the company to success, and during the peak selling them successfully.
“Starting a business became part of my life. Since the late eighties, I created eight brands, all of which became successful, “- said in a recent WP Magazine. Of course, all this could not have taken place if the excellent business skills do not go hand in hand – with innovation, understanding customer needs and determination in creating the perfect products well accepted by the market. Follow this maxim of Whisper Power:

“Our systems are only seen as perfect when you can neither see nor hear them”

Whisper Power is a new quality, developed in tune with the times and the needs of the market. A complete energy system by “New school” which you can build on yacht will not only allow you to become independent from the land grid, but will also allow for a sense of true comfort. The newest concept Whisper Power through its innovation allows you to contemplate the silence when using the equipment requiring power 230VAC, without the need to run the generator. The minimum amount of work the generator is not only a great silence, but also the lack of annoying vibrations generated by these devices.

Based in Gdansk, Marine Works was founded in 2005 and has since become a major distributor of marine equipment in the Polish market.
Marine Works provides technical competence and applications leadership for comprehensive range of products : propulsion, energy, comfort and sailing,
The company represents only leading brands in its portfolio and has a well-established relationship with key chandlers, service dealers and OEMs throughout Poland also in Europe and worldwide.

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