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WP-DC Beltpower

manufacturer: Whisper Power

WhisperPower’s WP-DC BeltPower range is designed to operate in combination with the main engine of a vehicle or vessel.

We offer two variations:
– BeltPower AC-230 VAC 50 Hz output
– BeltPower DC-12 or 24 VDC output

12 / 24 VDC BeltPower System
This system consists of a heavy duty alternator, delivering maximal amperage at low RPM, our Multi Stage ACR voltage regulator and a cable harness to connect the alternator and ACR regulator.

We recommend DC BeltPower is added to the existing engine configuration, leaving the existing DC alternators in tact.

The DC BeltPower ensures a fast and complete charge: as a result of the low rpm/ high amperage, in combination with the multi stage ACR regulator, AGM, GEL or wet batteries will be charged fast and completely.

ACR Multi stage regulators can also be purchased without an alternator. These regulators will fit Bosch alternators.

BetPower manualDownload
WP-DC BeltPower Power CurvesDownload