Accessories MG Energy: Smartlink MS, Energy Monitor

manufacturer: MG Energy

Accessories MG Energy: Smartlink MS, Energy Monitor.

The SmartLink MX aggregates and merges all information from the MG Master controllers within a battery arrangement. It then conveys this fused data via the CAN-Bus network to be accessible by external hardware. Additionally, it synthesizes data from systems connected in parallel, presenting them as a singular battery array. SmartLink MX is compatible with both the low-voltage Master LV and the high-voltage Master HV systems. On the other hand, the MG Energy Monitor features a high-definition touchscreen interface that displays all critical battery metrics instantaneously. This facilitates straightforward management and surveillance of your MG battery infrastructure. The monitor offers a snapshot of the overall health of the battery system and reveals details on energy movement. Its streamlined size and robust IP rating make it versatile for various use-cases. It interfaces with the CAN-Bus BMS port of either the MG Master LV or HV. A built-in Wi-Fi component allows the screen to sync with cloud services, enabling remote tracking via the MG Energy Portal. Ultimately, the Energy Monitor serves as the definitive tool for fine-tuning settings related to the battery and its Battery Management System.