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Feathering propellers Variprop

manufacturer: SPW GmbH

Feathering propellers Variprop are user-friendly, high-quality feathering propellers with blades which feathers easy into the sailing position.

Variprop propellers are ideal – for saildrives and shaft systems for marine diesels as well for electric drives.

In e-drives, the Variprop can also be used to regenerate and recharge batteries.

This is what makes a Variprop feathering propeller so advantageous for yacht owners:

– 15 – 20 % higher sailing speed: The water current turns the blades into the feathering position when the engine is turned off

– No disturbing propeller turbulences: Your yacht sails significantly more stable and smoother at the rudder, so you are able to sail close-hauled.

– Optimal thrust when motoring ahead as well as astern: When shifting to reverse, the leading edge of the propeller blades is turned by 180°. Consequently, the efficiency rate is the same in both directions – without the obstructive “prop walk” (paddle wheel effect). If the paddle wheel effect is beneficial to you, the pitch in reverse can be adjusted accordingly. Individual manufacturing guaranteed!

– Improved stop performance: This will ensure substantially more control when mooring in reverse.

Easy Installation:

Feathering propellers Variprop is mounted on the taper of your shaft or saildrive spline just like a fxed pitch propeller. Fasten the propeller with the corresponding prop nut, tighten the nut and secure it with a set screw. Glue the prop nut into the thread with the supplied Loctite. Afterwards, install the zinc anode. Done.


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Feathering propellers VaripropDownload