Battery Management System Master HV

manufacturer: MG Energy

The Master HV serves as the Battery Management System for high-voltage battery configurations. This advanced BMS is compatible with systems ranging from 48 Vdc all the way up to 900 Vdc. For each series of connected batteries, a Master BMS is necessary. By linking multiple such series in parallel, the system gains the ability to scale both in voltage and capacity. This translates to greater design flexibility and simplified system integration. In addition to its primary safety and control features, the Master HV continually observes and records key metrics to offer a detailed view of both battery condition and power usage. Its space-efficient form factor makes it particularly well-suited for scenarios where room is at a premium.
▶ Integrated pre-charge circuit
▶ Safety contactors in positive and negative power paths
▶ High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL)
▶ Internal event logging
▶ CAN-Bus communication
▶ Tracking State-Of-Health and State-Of-Charge
▶ Monitoring of all battery parameters

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