Battery Management System Master LV

manufacturer: MG Energy

The Master LV serves as the Battery Management System (BMS) specifically designed for low-voltage configurations. Its primary role is to safeguard the batteries it’s connected to. By continuously gathering data and keeping tabs on critical battery parameters, the BMS helps maintain the overall health of your energy system. It ensures that operational conditions remain within a predefined safe range. If any parameter goes beyond this safe envelope, an internal safety relay automatically triggers, cutting off all charging devices and loads. Consequently, Master LV provides a secure and dependable operating environment.

Furthermore, the BMS also handles cell balancing across the complete battery assembly, optimizing the storage capacity and thereby extending the lifespan of individual battery cells. Every MG battery comes equipped with an integrated secondary BMS that keeps track of the conditions of each cell within the battery module. Master LV aggregates this information and takes corrective action as required, offering comprehensive protection for all connected batteries.

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