Enhancing Expertise: Practical Training on Hempel Paints and Coatings at Frydenbo Shipyard

In the end of May, specialists from Marineworks organized a practical training at the Frydenbo shipyard on the use of Hempel paints and coatings. The main purpose of this training was to familiarize Masurian specialists with a wide range of products offered by the Hempel brand.

During the training, the participants had the opportunity to gain experience more about the various properties of paints and coatings offered by the Hempel brand. Emphasis was placed on aspects related to durability, corrosion resistance and the effectiveness of these products in changing weather conditions.

Masurian specialists had the opportunity to conduct practical tests and assess the quality and effectiveness of Hempel products. They could see how the tested paints and coatings cope with difficult weather conditions, such as changing temperatures, humidity, or UV radiation.

Hempel products enjoy a good reputation on the Polish sailing market. Both professionals and amateurs widely use them due to their high quality and effectiveness. Thanks to this training, Masurian experts had the opportunity to get to know these products even better and fully use their potential in their daily work.